1. What is an eBook? 
  • An eBook is an electronic book designed to be read on a computer or other electronic devices such as tablets and smartphones that support and read PDF files.
2. How do I purchase and download Reason for the Seasons?
  • Select the eBook picture located on the right-hand side of the website - this will redirect you to the Teachers pay Teachers website
  • REMEMBER: The eBook comes in TWO DIFFERENT EDITIONS: The Big Picture Story Bible and The Jesus Storybook Bible.  Please make sure you CAREFULLY SELECT the appropriate edition you would like.
  • Select "ADD ONE TO CART"
  • Select "CHECKOUT" 
  • If you do not already have a Teachers pay Teachers account, you will need to create a free account by providing your email address
  • PAY via Credit/Debit card or PayPal
  • You will be able to immediately download the eBook
3. How do I save and view the eBook on my computer?
  • Once you select the link to download your eBook either via your web browser or your email, the Reason for the Seasons files will immediately begin to download.
  • Once the download is complete, you can typically find these files in the "Downloads" folder located on your computer.
  • If you are having trouble finding these files, search your hard drive for "reasonfortheseasons". 
  • Please Note: You will receive three files in your download: the eBook, Craft Templates, and Coloring Book.
4. How do I save and view the eBook on my iPad?
  • Because the download file is saved as a ZIP file, you will need an app that will open a ZIP file such as WinZip, Dropbox, or iZip
  • Open the email you received from Designs by LA via Teachers pay Teachers on your iPad
  • Select the link provided to download the file - this will redirect you to a download window 
  • Select "CLICK HERE" to download
  • Once downloaded, a "OPEN IN" button will appear 
  • Select "OPEN IN" the app you would like to view the files in
  • From the app, you should be able to select "OPEN IN iBOOKS" - this will redirect the file to iBOOKS and automatically save it for future use
5. How do I save and view the eBook on my Kindle, Nook, smartphone, etc.?
  • You may save the eBook on any device that supports a PDF file in a similar fashion to the iPad directions listed above
  • A quick internet search "how to save a ZIP file on (device name)" will provide several tutorials
6. Having trouble downloading the eBook to your tablet?
  • Make sure that your tablet software and internet browser software are updated
7. Do I need to own a tablet (iPad, Kindle, etc.) to use this book?

  • Absolutely not!  You can download and save Reason for the Seasons on your computer.  The only bonus of having it on a tablet is making the book portable. 

8. Can I share my eBook?
  • Reason for the Seasons may not be copied or distributed without prior written permission.
  • Please tell other people about the book; we would love for them to join us on this journey!
  • Please do not give them a copy (either printed or electronic) of Reason for the Seasons (eBook, craft templates, or coloring book pages) while maintaining a copy for yourself.
  • You can purchase additional licenses at a discounted price to share.  Please purchase an additional license for each additional copy you would like. 
9. I'm a teacher; can I use this book with my students?

  • You may use Reason for the Seasons for personal use and with your students in the classroom.
  • Please do not send home copies (either printed or electronic) of Reason for the Seasons (eBook, craft templates, or coloring book pages).
  • Please do not share a copy (either printed or electronic) of Reason for the Seasons (eBook, craft templates, or coloring book pages) with another teacher or classroom.
  • If you would like to use Reason for the Seasons school-wide, please purchase a copy for each classroom.  

10. How do I purchase this book as a gift?
  • Follow the purchase instructions from #2 above
  • Forward the email you receive from Teachers pay Teachers with the download link to the gift recipient 
  • Please Remember: you may not retain a copy of the eBook if you are giving it as a gift, unless you purchased a copy for yourself and a copy to give as a gift
11. What is the target age-range for Reason for the Seasons: a Jesse Tree Advent Journey?
  • Reason for the Seasons offers a wide range of activities for preschool to elementary-aged children. 
12. What is a Jesse Tree?
  • A Jesse Tree is the family tree of Jesse and consequently the family tree of Jesus
  • "There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse, and a branch from his roots shall bear fruit." Isaiah 11:1
  • Just like families today have moms, dads, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers, the Bible traces Jesus's family back to creation.  God promised in the book of Isaiah that a Savior would be born from the family of Jesse.
  • Reason for the Seasons: a Jesse Tree Advent Journey allows you and your family to set out on a wonderful journey with family members and prophets of Jesus Christ.  This journey starts in the very beginning when God created the heavens and the earth and finishes with the birth of baby Jesus, a forever king.

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